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The tool to get things out of your head to be dealt with appropriately later

Have these scenarios ever happened to you?

  • A friend tells you about a film you just have to watch.
  • You get a brilliant idea in the middle of a party or meeting.
  • You suddenly remember you really need to send someone an email.

Or undoubtedly something similar. Never again will you have to drop everything and send the email. Never again will you have to put your thought in your calendar, where it does not belong. Never again will you forget which films to watch. Because now, there is Intray.

privacy protection

  • Faster, cleaner and leaner than its alternatives
  • No-nonsense web interface
  • Minimal design, maximum efficient
  • In browser or terminal
  • Mobile Android app
  • Application programming interface
  • Command line interface options included
  • Open source
  • Auto syncing
  • Ad-free forever
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Constantly improved
  • Reliable
  • Optimized for power users




Maximum 5 items


12 CHF


Unlimited items