The tool to get things out of your head to be dealt with appropriately later

Have these scenarios ever happened to you?

  • A friend tells you about a film you just have to watch.
  • You get a brilliant idea in the middle of a party or meeting.
  • You suddenly remember you really need to send someone an email.

Or undoubtedly something similar. Never again will you have to drop everything and send the email. Never again will you have to put your thought in your calendar, where it does not belong. Never again will you forget which films to watch. Because now, there is Intray.

Getting Things Done Flowchart
  • Faster, cleaner and leaner than its alternatives
  • No-nonsense web interface
  • Minimal design, maximum efficient
  • In browser or terminal
  • Mobile Android app
  • Application programming interface
  • Command line interface options included
  • Open source
  • Auto syncing
  • Ad-free forever
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Constantly improved
  • Reliable
  • Optimized for power users

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Why can I not modify items?
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How do I use Intray with the Self-management coaching?

Intray was built specifically to act as the first part in a "Getting Things Done" (GTD) process. It is used as the "In basket" in the following flowchart. Feel free to check out the Self-management coaching.

Getting Things Done Flowchart

But you said to do lists are bad?

Correct. Intray is not a to do list. It is like a box which contains arbitrary thoughts you want to get out of your head. These thoughts still require processing, as opposed to to do items.

How is Intray better than any other notes application?

Notes or apps such as Remember the Milk, Todoist or Google Keep serve a fundamentally different purpose than Intray. Intray items are meant to be short term, ephemeral and for prosessing. Notes, on the other hand, have an indeterminate life-time and do not lend themselves well to processing. Intray incorporates the best-practices for processing and is not cluttered by unnecessary features. Intray has been designed explicitly for your ease of mind and efficiency.

How is Intray better than org-mode?

Intray allows for more efficient processing.

Intray allows you to use a web interface, e.g. through your phone, as well as a command line interface. This combination makes intray more efficient to use.

I don't trust you with my data, can I still use Intray?

Yes. All data submitted via Intray is secured while it is being submitted and while it is being stored. Users will never be tracked and their data will never be exposed to third parties. Moreover, Intray is free software, so anyone can host an Intray server themselves. The code is available on Github.

Will there ever be ads?

There will never be ads on Intray. Intray is designed for power users and maximum effiency. Any distraction will decrease productivity.

Is there an iPhone application?

Intray is currently not available on iPhone. you can, however, use intray via the browser on your phone. If you are interested in writing an iPhone application, please contact us.

Getting Things Done Flowchart

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We suggest getting Intray together with our self-management coaching sessions.